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Our Clients Are Talking...

Debbie Chambrot & Galileo

I was a newbie horse owner when I met Mary. She taught me how to bond with my horse, as well as how to have confidence around him. We also worked on horse riding skills and ground work. She even taught me how to properly bathe and groom him.


I believe that my work with her provided a foundation of not just knowledge, but trust; that allowed me to fully enjoy horse ownership. She is knowledgeable and patient.


I can't imagine taking this journey without her help.

Maria Rojas-LaCotts & Momma


I met Mary in November 2015. She came out to my place for a saddle fitting appointment. You could tell she is very knowledgeable as she was confident and provided me with a very educational experience about how a saddle should fit my horse and what type of saddle would work for us.


She used visual aids which helped me to understand the "why" and "how" of fitting my horse with an appropriate saddle. She is very professional and personable. She made me feel like my horse and I were her priority.


Thank you for excellent service Mary. Can't wait to go shopping for my new saddle!

Abigail Gitlin & Smokey


Smokey and I are a dressage duo. My horse is only 6 and he's still growing, so the saddle we had didn't fit anymore. I couldn't ride with a saddle until Ms. Mary came out and not only told me what would fit him best but also helped find a saddle to fit me.


Now my horse and I are happily riding, competing, and just having fun. We've achieved more than I've ever thought possible due to how well his saddle fits.


Thanks so much! We couldn't have done anything without your help!

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